Farmer says slashed grain bags no laughing matter -From

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Farmer says slashed grain bags no laughing matter -From

Farmer says slashed grain bags no laughing matter
Farmers spend 3 days cleaning up spilled grain

For the third day in a row, Trevor Bjarnarson and his crew have been busy cleaning up around 13,000 bushels of grain spilled in the middle of a field. 

Bjarnarson's angry, to say the least.

On Monday night, vandals came onto a field owned by Poor Boy Producers outside of Rouleau, Sask., and slashed open a huge plastic grain bag, spilling its contents onto the field.

"I keep asking why?" said Bjarnarson, the farm's manager. "That grain is going to feed yourself and you're just making it harder on the farmer."

Since the incident, Bjarnarson has been hearing about grain bag vandalism across the province. Last month, he said 13 grain bags were vandalized by snowmobilers in the area, torn open when the vehicles were driven up the side of the bags.

"We've talked to the RCMP," he said. "But what can they do? They can just keep an eye open."

Now, Bjarnarson and his team are busy vacuuming and augering up the grain to get it to a safe, dry place. 

Vandals tore apart this enormous plastic grain bag earlier this week. (Trevor Bjarnarson)
This year's wet conditions meant many farmers were forced to bag their grain this harvest, rather than truck it out. Soggy conditions created impassible roads, which meant many producers were forced to leave their crops on the field.

"Just on top of it being a hard year, and putting out the extra cash to buy grain bags when you already have storage in the yard, it's just frustrating," Bjarnarson said.

The farm is busy running the grain through a dryer to separate the snow from the durum. He expects 200 bushels will be completely lost.

Rouleau is 50 kilometres southwest of Regina.

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