Grain Storage Products

CORR Grain Systems Inc. works with the leaders in Grain Storage, Handling, and Conditioning equipment in the industry. Our group of suppliers includes:

ProductsAGI, Westeel, Norstar Manufacturing, All Size Perforating, and Grain Guard aeration fans, IntraGrain moisture and temperature monitoring systems, and the IntraGrain Binsense wireless system. We also have access to other suppliers to ensure supply of elevating legs, transfer conveyors and millwright installers.

Technology Products

Whether your operation requires temperature monitoring, temperature and moisture, multiple bin sites, remote monitoring and alarm communications, CORR GRAIN has a solution to meet every farm application and requirement. We supply Binsense cables and monitoring equipment, as well as Intragrain Binsense remote monitoring technology.

Technology doesn’t stop with choosing the right monitoring equipment. It’s important to select the right aeration equipment to condition your stored grain. Whether it’s high speed/low speed, in-line or centrifugal, aerating or natural air drying, we can help you choose the fan the suits you best. We also offer drying systems for large and small bins.

Our unload equipment features the widemouth U-Drain unload augers ensuring high capacity throughput in your unload system.