"Our relationship with CORR Grain dates to a couple of years previous to the inception of Corr Grain.  Phase 1 of our build was the beginning of our relationship with some of the founding partners.  Throughout the several years, we have added storage in 3 additional projects. 


I mention the build prior to CORR Grain, as it truly leads into the most important part of the company.  The people!  The projects which we had varied in size, but all were very important to us.  When making decisions on the farm regarding generational planning in regard to yards and expansion, a strong and experienced partner is a must.  CORR Grain has many strong individuals with different attributes and experienced.  Collectively, it is extremely dynamic. 


The industry experience has allowed them to identify and partner with the top suppliers in product, foundation, assembly, and technology.  For our farm, this was the top priority.  Alliances with top end companies allows for adjustments to the uncontrollable factors which can arise in such projects.  For us, it’s not the hurdle which may be presented to the project, but rather how the group re-adjusts to keep things moving forward.  The communication and transparency from CORR Grain during our projects always made us comfortable with the progress. 


We are proud of the yard which we built, and we are proud to tell our peers who our partner was for that build.  I would highly recommend anyone considering a storage and handling project to work with CORR Grain."

Trevor Crozier