Heena Singh


Heena is an exceptionally talented marketing professional with over fourteen years of experience. She is enthusiastic about utilizing data-driven knowledge to create compelling marketing plans that bring brands and their target demographic closer. Heena has a long record of executing triumphant campaigns in various industries, including healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. Before joining CORR, Heena worked with a prominent healthcare corporation. She also held a marketing management position in technology and manufacturing, helping launch and extend new products.

Heena is a master strategist and flourishes in team-oriented settings. She collaborates with multi-functional teams, like product makers and sales staff, to ensure marketing plans match business objectives. Heena is renowned for her capacity to effortlessly explain complicated ideas precisely and briefly, which has won her appreciation in her career.

Heena’s creativity does not end at marketing; she has a long-standing passion for art, from paper quilling to alcohol ink artwork. In her free time, Heena enjoys cooking various cuisines for her family. Heena has obtained a Master’s degree in International Business (Marketing) from the University of Northampton, UK.