Grain Handling

We’re committed to building customized grain-handling sites. That commitment includes installing quality bucket elevators, conveying systems, and pneumatic blowers.

Bucket Elevators

Our energy-efficient bucket elevators gently handle free-flowing bulk materials such as grain, fertilizer, livestock feed, poultry feed ingredients, and aggregates. Premium components include galvanized buckets, rubber belts, and engineered bearings and shafts. Material discharged at up to 150 feet in height and 10,400 bushels/hour. Housed in a durable steel body.

AGI C-Line

The AGI C-Line bucket elevator can handle whole grains up to 10,400 bph and discharge heights to 150 ft.

  • Galvanized sheet-metal design with V-belt, shaft mount drives (class I or II) ensures durability and efficiency.
  • Pillow-block bearings and lagged head pulleys provide stable operation and enhanced traction.
  • Easy-access inspection section and boot clean-out doors facilitate maintenance and debris removal.
  • The system features both urethane-lined and unlined inlets for versatility and durability.
  • Pressure-relief vents ensure safe operation by releasing excess pressure.
  • The head is urethane-lined, providing enhanced wear resistance and longevity.


AGI VIS specializes in bulk storage and material handling solutions for the feed, fertilizer, and grain industries, offering a comprehensive product line including overhead bin systems, conveyors, distributors, and valves

Norstar Bucket Elevators & Legs

Norstar offers durable elevator leg, a crucial investment for your operation’s success. Designed to maximize capacity and lifespan, this elevator ensures consistent performance during both loading and unloading processes.

  • Durable Construction: Heavy-duty components ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Premium Materials: Rubber belting and high-quality buckets for consistent operation.
  • Essential for Success: Reliable performance crucial for operational success.
  • Easy Installation: Robust design allows for quick setup, saving time and money.
  • Capacity Range: 100 – 60,000 Bushels Per Hour (BPH)
  • Max Height: Up to 200 feet
  • Finishes: Powder Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel


Maximize throughput, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity. Versatile and ruggedly built, our conveyors move grain smoothly, efficiently, and continuously. Customize your conveyor with speed adjustments and various configuration options. Adaptable to a wide range of loading, unloading and grain transfer applications.

En-Masse Chain Conveyor

The AGI C-Line en-masse chain conveyors can handle whole grains up to 11,000 bph and lengths to 150 ft. in horizontal arrangements or at slight inclines.

  • Galvanized sheet-metal design
  • V-belt, shaft mount drives (class I or II)
  • Pillow-block bearings
  • 81-series chain
  • UHMW-lined center return rail
  • UHMW shaft seals
  • End relief/inspection door
  • Head and intermediate discharge gates with operators
  • Lined and unlined discharge transitions
  • Cleanout flighting
  • Return cups
  • Short-pitched flighting
  • Abrasion-resistant bottoms and liners

Bulk-Flo Chain Conveyor

The AGI C-Line bulk-flo chain conveyors can handle whole grains up to 11,000 bph in inclines up to forty-five degrees.

  • Galvanized sheet-metal design
  • V-belt, shaft mount drives (class I or II)
  • Pillow-block bearings
  • 81-series chain
  • Center return pan
  • UHMW shaft seals
  • End relief/inspection door
  • Head and intermediate discharge gates with operators
  • Lined and unlined discharge transitions
  • Abrasion-resistant bottoms and liner

En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor

The Norstar En-Masse Drag Chain Conveyor operates efficiently by dragging paddles along the conveyor floor, requiring less torque and horsepower. Its fully-enclosed chamber provides superior contamination protection, preventing product drop-off and external contaminants. With UHMW paddles minimizing wear, maintenance costs are reduced. Plus, the open interior design maximizes the fill rate for optimal performance.

  • Fully-Enclosed Housing (12 ga. or 10 ga.) and Removable Covers
  • CNC Machined 1/2″ Thick UHMW Paddles with HD Back Plates
  • UHMW Return Rollers, Self-Cleaning Tail
  • Flange Head Bearings, Pillow Block Tail Bearings
  • UHMW Shaft Seals, ACME Screw Slack Adjustment
  • Elongated Discharge
  • Capacity Range: 1,000 – 60,000 Bushels Per Hour (BPH)
  • Conveyor Size: 9″ – 36″ wide
  • Max Length: Up to 150 feet
  • Finishes: Powder Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel

Incline Drag Chain Conveyors

Norstar incline drag chain conveyors ensure efficient material handling, saving time and money. Conveying on steep inclines can lead to reduced capacity. Less throughput equals inefficiency and wasted resources, these are designed to transport bulk materials at steep inclines.

  • Self-Cleaning: Curved back plate in tail section prevents material buildup.
  • Quiet Operation: UHMW paddles and return rollers minimize noise and wear.
  • Product Protection: Elongated discharge prevents crush/pinch points, ensuring product quality.
  • Capacity Range: 1,000 – 40,000 Bushels Per Hour (BPH)
  • Conveyor Size: 9″ to 44″ wide
  • Incline Range: 15° to 45°
  • Finishes: Powder Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel

Screw Conveyors

Norstar Screw conveyors facilitates smooth operation of any system, facilitating the movement of products from one point to another with ease. This is a tailormade solution to handle a wide range of free-flowing materials efficiently

  • 6″ – 24″ Models
  • Standard Formed-Flanged U-Trough Design (Tube Conveyors also available)
  • Fully Enclosed Body, Standard Helicoid Flighting (other options available)
  • Enhanced Auger Flighting: Thicker edge for higher capacity and longer lifespan.
  • Smooth Rotation: Split-Wood Hanger Bearings minimize wear and noise. Other bearing options available.
  • Capacity Range: Varied based on conveyor size, speed, and handled commodity. Conveyor Sizes: 6″ to 24″ wide.
  • Finishes: Powder Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel.

Pneumatic Blowers

Ensure efficient, long-lasting grain handling and transfer. Our pneumatic blowers are engineered for powerful, consistent airflow. Operation is pleasingly quiet, thanks to advanced noise-reduction technology. Solidly built with quality materials for dependable long-term service.

Walinga Vacuum Conveying System

Versatile vacuum conveying system designed for full and part-time production line integration. Scalable, Low Cost, Task Tailored Bulk Product Transfer & Recovery.

  • Clean-up and Transfer Almost Anything, Anywhere – irrespective of particle size, moisture content, or chemical composition vacuum system works.
  • No Debris – No Vermin – Given the vacuum conveying systems draw matter inwards, any breach in the piping only creates an ‘inward’ leak. This virtually eliminates and accumulated bulk debris providing host to any sort of wildlife. Eliminate the debris, you remove the vermin.
  • One-Man Handling Ability – The system is designed with durable, lightweight components. Reduce staff time with one person replacing many.
  • Installation’s a Breeze – Design and install the system yourself. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards, parts always fit as intended, promising frustration-free assembly and installation.

Unload Augers

Maximize your efficiency with our range of unload augers, designed for fast and reliable grain transfer. Featuring innovative technologies such as wear edge protection and unique U-trough designs, our unload augers ensure minimal grain damage and reduced downtime during unloading operations.

Norstar Bin Unload

When unloading your grain bins, you need equipment that offers a safe and efficient clean-out. Norstar unloads offers market-leading quality and features that meet your needs.

  • Bin sizes from 14’ – 60’ diameter catered for.
  • U-Trough options: 8”, 11”, or 14”, with center and intermediate sumps, gates, and controls.
  • Capacities ranging from 4,375 to 12,100 BPH.
  • Features a permanently installed 7.25” or 9” gear-driven sweep.
  • Sweep capacities from 2,650 to 4,940 BPH.
  • Includes a widemouth center sump with a clump breaker to prevent blockage.
  • Offers continuous unloading with the Emergency Sump feature, available in electric and hydraulic powerheads, including Incline Powerhead.

Springland U-trough Unload System

The Springland U-Trough design moves more material than traditional round tubes at the same horsepower with less chance of grain damage.

  • Ease of installation, top-quality materials, and proven design
  • Unloaders fit typical bins ranging from 18 to 78 feet in diameter.
  • Available with 7.25”, 8.25” and 9” sweeps
  • Unloading at 5,000 to 7,500 Bushels (136-200Mt) per hour. Capacities may vary depending on grain type and condition.
Electric Powerhead

Electric Powerhead – Motor mount with over-center belt tensioner. The belt guard swings out for easy access to belts. Motor, pulleys, and belts are not included.

Hydraulic Powerhead

When electric power is not available. Suitable for bins up to and including 48 ft diameter.

Westeel Bin Unloads

AGI’s unload systems are designed for the rigours of on-farm use and feature superior durability, strength and performance. Make grain clean-out easy and efficient with the AGI Tube or U-Trough unload systems.


Available for bin sizes from 21’– 60’ in diameter
11” Standard Output U-Trough capacities from 5,000 to 7,500 BPH, complete with center and intermediate sumps and gates
11” High Output U-Trough capacities of 6,800 from 9,000 BPH, complete with center and emergency sumps
U-Trough extension kits available (3’, 4.5’, 5’, 6’ & 9’)
Available in electric and hydraulic powerheads

Standard Output U-Trough Unload
Available for bin sizes from 21′ to 60′ in diameter
5,000 – 7,500 BPH

High Output U-Trough Unload
Available for bin sizes from 24′ to 60′ in diameter
6,800 – 9,000 BPH

Tube Unload
Available for bin sizes from 24′ to 48′ in diameter
8″ – 3,000 BPH

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