Grain Conditioning

Our commitment is simple – to provide top-notch solutions that maintain the quality of your harvest. Real-time monitoring helps you keep your grain in top condition.

Grain Monitoring

Monitoring – Our real-time monitoring keeps your grain in top condition. Get precise data on temperature, humidity, and more, so you can act proactively to preserve grain quality.


Monitor and control your grain storage 24/7 with ease using BinSense from CORR Grain. Choose from our range of on-site handheld readers, daily or hourly monitoring systems, and automatic aeration fan control for optimized grain quality, taking one less operational worry off your mind.

Bin-Sense Plus

Automatic Grain Conditioning

Bin-Sense Plus offers advanced grain storage monitoring and automatic aeration fan control to optimize grain quality. Get real-time storage updates directly on your mobile or desktop device.

Bin-Sense Live

Real-time Wireless Monitor

The Bin-Sense Live system provides real-time updates on your grain storage to your phone or computer. It allows you to control your fans from anywhere, ensuring your grain’s temperature and moisture levels are always under control.

Bin-Sense Direct

Onsite Handheld Monitor

Bin Sense Direct The convenient handheld grain monitoring reader gives you a real-time view of your stored grain. Simply plug it into your bin cables and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for easy monitoring.

Bin-Sense Solo

Daily Wireless Monitor

With Bin-Sense Solo your daily grain storage information is delivered directly to your mobile or desktop device. Ideal for small to medium-sized grain bins.


Check bin temperature & moisture levels right from your cellphone. Remove the guesswork from grain storage management & replace it with certainty.

OPI Stormax

StorMax monitoring system offers precise digital grain data, empowering proactive fan management to prevent spoilage and ensure optimal grain condition.

  • Handheld Temperature Monitoring
  • Provides accurate digital data.
  • OPI’s Temperature cables with 2-wire digital technology provide maximum accuracy and reliability.
  • OPI’s moisture cable calculates moisture content via constant relative humidity and temperature measurements.
  • Farmers running 200,000 bushels through the OPI StorMax system can pay as little as $.06 – $.15 per bushel.

OPI Blue

  • This wireless system sends hourly grain storage updates to mobile or desktop devices.
  • With remote control of your fans, you can reduce run-time by up to 80%.
  • Weather station integration for ambient temperature and relative humidity conditions.
  • An intuitive graphical interface allows fast, easy and fast data interpretation.
  • An OPI Blue system can cost as little as $.10 – $.30 per bushel on a farm handling 200,000 bushels or more.

Grain Drying

Complete, customized grain drying built to suit your needs. Equipment, install crews, and service technicians supplied.

AGI Neco Mixed Flow Grain Dryer

The AGI Neco mixed flow grain dryer is one of the most efficient grain dryers in the industry, maximizing the test weight of dried grains and lowering your energy bill—saving you up to 20–30% on fuel costs. Mixed flow operations ensure even heating and cooling to preserve the quality of your grains, and the modular design allows the NECO dryer to be expanded or customized to suit any farming operation.

  • Even heating and cooling to preserve grain quality.
  • No screens to clean, clog or change!
  • Innovative design is ideal for all crops, including canola, barley, and wheat.
  • NECO dryers offer a range of moisture control solutions.
  • Monitor and maximize your dryer’s capabilities with NECO’s Dryer Master, which is guaranteed to take the guesswork out of drying grain.


Maximize your grain’s life in the bin. Our aeration solutions ensure even airflow to prevent harmful moisture buildup and temperature fluctuations.

All Size Perforating Floor System

The quick connections and long spans means a fast and easy install. Engineered to aid in efficient airflow, the Syntiro system uses half the typical number of support rows.

Key Features
  • The “TRUSS” floor system by ALL SIZE offers unparalleled strength and support, constructed from G90 galvanized metal to withstand up to 100 feet of grain, making it essential for taller bins and a viable option for smaller ones.
  • The “SYNTIRO” system facilitates quick installation with its rapid connections, optimized airflow, and ability to lay flat on supports without snapping in, ideal for uneven concrete floors.

AGI Grain Guard Aeration Fans

Low speed, high speed, and inline centrifugal fans maximize airflow, while maintaining optimum static pressure.

  • Airflow efficiency features include precision-balance steel fan wheels and aerodynamically designed inlet cones.
  • Weatherproof electrical controls.


Westeel’s Lock-n-Load floor system, the premium aeration choice for grain and oilseed crops. Easy to install in Series 14 to Series 60 Westeel bins, it offers superior sealing with multiple flashing and reduces installation time. With uniquely perforated flashing and full-width perforation on floor planks, it ensures optimal airflow circulation, enhancing grain quality.

  • Sealform foundation system
  • 15″ circular galvanized vent
  • 14″ circvent (polymer design)
  • 60+’ diameters (per special request)

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