Effective Grain Monitoring During Harvest: 5 Tips to Consider

When it comes to farming, grain monitoring is an essential part of the process. Effective grain monitoring during harvest can help ensure that the crops are stored and managed in the best way possible while preventing spoilage and insect infestation.

In this blog post, we’ll be providing five tips for effective grain monitoring during harvest. Keep your crops safe and secure with these helpful tips!

Tip #1: Monitor Temperature and Humidity Levels

Keeping an eye on the temperature and humidity levels inside your bins is essential. By monitoring these levels regularly, you can ensure that your crops are appropriately stored, saving you time, money, and stress down the line. Don’t be caught off guard; checking your crop storage temperature and humidity levels today could save you considerable money tomorrow.

Tip #2: Inspect Regularly

Consistent grain bin inspections are essential for two reasons. Firstly, monitoring your grain bins regularly allows you to detect potential dangers, such as pests like insects that can contaminate stored grain. Secondly, inspecting your storage facilities can help you to notice any structural issues or deterioration that could compromise the quality of the product inside. Keeping a close eye on these areas will ensure your stored goods remain intact and free from potentially destructive elements. Therefore, it is essential to stay vigilant in conducting consistent inspections of all your grain bins.

Tip #3: Clean Regularly

It is essential to keep your grain bins clean and free from debris or contaminants at all times. Cleaning your bins regularly will help reduce the risk of spoilage or contamination from outside sources. Additionally, it is essential to clean out any old crop residue as this can create a favourable environment for pests such as insects.

Tip #4: When To Keep Your Fans Running

You can use grain monitoring to actively choose when to run your fans. Monitoring equipment gives you the proper information whether you are trying to dry down your crop in bin or if you are trying to cool the bin down to optimum storage temperatures.                             

Tip #5: Use Technology

Technology such as sensors can effectively monitor conditions in real-time within your bin on a regular basis. These sensors can provide accurate readings on temperature, humidity levels, moisture content, helping you make informed decisions with regard to storing and managing the grains in the best possible way.

During harvest season, proper grain management is vital to getting a high-yield crop while avoiding wasted profits due to spoilage and pest infestations. Keeping tabs on temperature and humidity levels, inspecting for pests/contamination regularly, and cleaning storage facilities regularly, all help farmers properly monitor their grains during peak times.

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